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   Public Duplicate Eraser - Download

Public Duplicate Eraser (PDE) version 1.0 incl. manual Download: Zip-File, 2 MB
Manual para Public Duplicate Eraser Download: Zip-File, 0,4 MB

Restricciones de esta versión demo:

Public Duplicate Eraser es shareware. Usted puede testear el programa antes de comprarlo. En la versión demo usted puede buscar duplicados demo version you can search for duplicates in your Outlook folders but you can not delete them, as the delete function is deactivated. All other functions have no restrictions.

If you insert a valid license key into the Public Duplicate Eraser, the demo version becomes a full version. There is no need for new installation of the software.

Version 1.0 - Release March 10, 2008

Distribuido en espaņol para todo el mundo