User manual: Version 1.1

1. Introduction

Congratulations on your decision to use Public ShareFolder.

This part of this manual describes the installation procedure for Public Contact After Reply (Public CAR). Please take the time to carry out the installation according to the instructions.

If you should have any questions which this helpfile does not cover: You can visit us on the Internet:

As well as the most recent information, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ file.

Our FAQs are on this site:

There is also a discussion forum which you are free to join.

Or you can send us an e-mail, to the following address:

We will be happy to answer any questions on our product and partnerships, and on generally development of Outlook® Addons.

Tel.: +49 (0)40 76 41 75 20

Fax: +49 (0)40 70 10 31 35

The unlicensed version (demonstration or test version) of the Public ShareFolder can used for 10 Users. Every 4 hours you have to restart the Public ShareFolder Server program. Be sure that all connected Outlook® clients are disconnected if you restart the Public ShareFolder Server program.

Will you do us a big favour? We are not a hotline for Outlook®. We may give you the impression that we are real Outlook® professionals,

and relatively speaking that may be so in certain respects, but there are people who know a lot more about Outlook® than we do.

If you have general questions on Outlook®, you can run a search in Google, or you can simply take a look at the Microsoft® newsgroups. The best one is: news:microsoft.public.outlook

Your Public ShareWare Team