4. Configuration of "Public CAR"

Public Contact After Reply is an Addon for Outlook®, that will be confogure over the "Options" in the Outlook tools bar.

Before Public Contact after Reply can extend your contacts you have select the contact folder, in which the new contacts have to be provided. This can be any contact file.

Public Contact after Reply check automatically dupes, based on existing E-Mail addresses. No dupes were produced, if it concerns the same E-Mail address .

Addresses, for which once a contact windows was opened, are considered as in the contacts available, independently whether these were stored as contact or not. This behavior is intended, not to indicate unnecessarily the contact windows again and again for not to desired addresses.

Please Consider : The settings are safed, specific and loaded for each user. For each Outlook profile you can (and must)provide an own configuration..

To configure Public CAR go to "Tools/Options":

Following dialog field opens:

Click here please on: "Public Contact After Reply"

Following dialog field opens:

The existing options have the following functions:


It indicates whether the Addon Public Contact after Reply is active or not.

Edit new contacts:

If you set this flag, the contact form will always be opened (and not automaticly safed), so you will have the possibility to insert additional information.

If you deactivate this field the contact will be stored only with the E-mail-Address. .

React on "Reply All":

If you answer an email with several E-Mail addresses in the "To" or "CC" field with the Outlook "reply to all" function, Public Conatct after Reply save also all this aditional E-Mail addresses .

Always refresh filters:

If contacts should have been deleted manually and you would like to examine this contact again, then you must activate this function.

By this function the response time in dependence of the existing contacts can rise.

"Select destionation folder" and "Further contact folder":

With the Button "Select destionation folder" you can select the folder where you want to create the new contacts..

With the Button "further contact files" you can select further contact files, which can be included into the examination.

Public Contact after Reply does not create the contacts in each additionally selected folder. These are only for the security/examination of already existing contacts.

Deinstallation: Go to "Start/Control Panel/Software" and click on Public Contact After Reply => Deinstall

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