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5.1 Terms of license



This SDMD Licence Agreement ("SDMDEL") is a legal contract between you, either as natural or legal person, and the SDMD Ltd., Hamburg ("licensor") for the above named SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT includes Computer software, the appropriate media, printed materials, as far as existing, as well as possibly "on-line" or electronic documentations. In that you install the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, copies or uses otherwise, You declare yourself in agreement to be bound this "SDMDELs" by the conditions. If you don't agree of this "SDMDELs" to the regulations, you are not justifiable to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT becomes as well as through copyright laws and international copyright contracts protected also as through other laws and agreements about intellectual property. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is not sold but is not licensed.

License granting

This "SDMDEL" grants you following rights: You/they are justifiable, either a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or to install every preceding version intended for the same operating system at his/its place on one single computer (central processing unit, CPU) and to use.

You/they also are justifiable to store a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT of a storage device, like for example a network server, or to install provided this is only used for installing the SOFTWARE PRODUCT over an internal network on your other computer or executing. However, you/they are indebted to it, for each computer, on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT of the storage device installs or is executed, to acquire a license, that is applicable specifically to this computer. A license for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is not allowed to share from several users or used simultaneously from different computers.

Further rights and limitations

· lapels engineering, recompiled and reassembled of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is not allowed. This is valid however only insofar, as not the in each case applicable right such a possibility despite this restriction specifically allowed.

· The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed as one single product. You/they are not justifiable, whose to separate components in order to use her/it/them at more than a computer.

· is not you justifiable to rent the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or - leases.

· is you indebted to retain all copyright indications of all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

· is not you justifiable to pass on copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to third.

· is you justifiable to transfer all your right from this "SDMDEL" permanently. You only have this right if the transfer licensed copies in the context of a lasting transfer of your valid one(s), of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT takes place, that the registration card transferred you together with all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and the entire written accompanying material and the recipient declared himself in agreement with the regulations of this contract.


The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is property of the licensor and protected through copyright laws, international contracts and other national legal rules.

If the SOFTWARE product is not equipped with a technical protection against copying, you can either make one single copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT for protection or archiving or the SOFTWARE PRODUCT of one single hard disk figurative, provided you store the original exclusively for protection or archiving.

You/they can neither copy the written material of the product more written accompanying material to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

The licensor especially keeps all for himself publication, duplication, treatment and utilization rights to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT before.

Limited guarantee

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is offered exclusive as freeware. The licensor does NOT take over warranty for the usage of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Installation and use takes place completely on own responsibility and own risk.

For the prominent named reasons, the licensor doesn't take over any liability for errors of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT including the contained data. Especially the licensor doesn't take over any assurance that the SOFTWARE PRODUCT including the contained data suffices your requests and purposes or works together use programs with others of you. The responsibility for the correct selection and the consequences of the use of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as well as this with it intended or produced prices, you carry. The same is applicable to the written material enclosed the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

The licensor is not liable for damages, it then is that a damage was caused by resolution or coarse negligence on the part of the licensor. Because of a liability possibly from the licensor of assured qualities remains untouched. A liability for lack consequence damages, which are not included by the assurance, is impossible.

Consequence damages

The licensor is not for any damages, damages from escaped profits, business interruptions, are fully implied liability for losses of commercial information, data or other financial losses, that are created on the basis of the use of this software, even if the licensor was informed about the possibility of such a damage. In any case, the liability of the licensor is limited on the amount, which the acquirer actually paid for the product. This exclusion is not applicable to damages, which were caused by resolution or coarse negligence on sides of the licensor. Also, claims, which are based on inalienable legal rules about the product liability, remain untouched.


You/they are liable for all damages on the basis of from copyright injury, which occurs for the licensor from an injury of these contract regulations.

Fulfillment place, valid right

Fulfillment place is Hamburg. It is worth the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

As far as individual regulations of these contract conditions are ineffective or become, the legal effectiveness of the remaining regulations should not be touched from this. The one, legally allowable regulation or handling should be valid instead of the ineffective regulation, that the striven for purpose legally and economically so near as possible comes.

If you have any questions about this contract or would like to sit down in connection for any reason with the licensor, then, you please apply yourself:

Systemhaus Digitale Medien Designer
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21079 Hamburg

email: info@publicshareware.com

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